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DIY Automated Bulk Cell Tester
I'm starting to design an automated tester for testing cells in bulk, probably 10 or 12 at a time. The idea is to charge the cell, discharge and measure the capacity, and then recharge to half charged for storage, and log the whole thing to a computer for analysis. These are the parts I'm thinking about so far:

Arduino Pro Micro because it has 12 5V ADCs
26650 Cell Holders
TP5000 3.6V Chargers

The TP5000 doesn't have a enable/disable pin, so I need to use a MOSFET to disconnect the power either between the power supply and charger, or the charger and battery. And then another MOSFET and a power resistor to do the discharging, and probably some temperature sensors for safety. The idea is to stream all the data over USB serial to a computer or Raspberry Pi, which would then display the capacity of each cell so you know which ones to keep.

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