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Solution Books that teach pack building
[Image: 51WaEhb6KjL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

Micah Toll's book on building lithium battery packs is a great place to start. 
Find it at your favorite bookseller. 
ISBN 9780989906708

Micah is well respected in the e-bike and battery communities. The book is clear and concise. I recommend a copy for everyone in this group.
i have this book! Very helpful for beginners.
M1A users must remember that the book assumes standard 4.2V Lithium cells, but our M1A cells don't charge to standard 4.2V.
I highly recommend burying yourself in TI documentation, if this is all new but you have a grasp of basic electronics.

It's sometimes tough to navigate but they really produce some fantastic reading materials in there.

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