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Test setups thread
Show me what you got! Here's a thread for everyone to post photos and details of their testing setups.
I generally use a Hyperion eos duo2 and run 14 cells at a time through it, having built a holder for 2 7s1p packs. My testing methodology is as follows (for 3.7 cells obv), i adjust for each batch of cells.

1. measure cell voltage. if it's less than 2.5v, throw it away.
2. charge the cell. if it gets hot during charging, throw it away.
3. measure cell voltage off the charger. verify it's between 4.1 and 4.2v.
4. wait 30 minutes
5. measure cell voltage. if it's fallen less than 4v, throw it away. Otherwise record the voltage.
6. store cell for 3+ days in cool, dry place.
7. measure cell voltage. if cell voltage has fallen more than .1v from the recorded voltage, throw it away.
8. remove battery tabs with pliers and dremel grinding wheel
9. heat shrink cell
10. write inventory ID onto heat shrink

Grading Scale

75-150 mOhm Excellent
150-250 mOhm Good
250-350 mOhm Marginal
350-Up mOhm Bad

This has worked out pretty good for me. These days I rarely separate parallel cells and grade them entirely on their merits as a set.

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